About Our Logo

Don't curse the darkness, light a candle. - Chinese proverb

Our logo was designed to reflect our highly cherished values. The candle symbolizes the light that we strive to be and spread through our labors. We work to alleviate, in some modest way, the darkness of poverty and hopelessness through the light of caring, self-sacrifice, and responsibility for the well-being of others. Our humble, regional efforts seek to ease some of our poor’s suffering through the provision of basic necessities, thus lighting up some small corner of their lives through our dedication to their needs.

Please note the diversity of the hands through which the light is brought forth.  They are young and old, black and white, male and female - but these distinctions do not matter.  It is their shared membership in a single family that drives their cooperative endeavor.  They are all human.  They work in unison for the values, vision, and mission expressed above.

The virtues mirrored in the logo would change our world should we take them seriously enough to heavily invest ourselves towards their fulfillment.  As this is a significant endeavor, there is always plenty of room for more hands in the picture.  Should you desire to put yours to work and grasp the proverbial candle, please contact us immediately.

Our hands are always extended.